About Us

We have a passion for decadently delicious chocolate and a facination for pairing them with wine that brings out the best flavors and aromas of both! Join us as we explore best of both worlds – chocolate and wine… And feel free to add your own musings!

Meet The Blogger

Lisa Mecray Rogers, Founder of Luxx Chocolat, Master Chocolatier 

A certified graduate with honors of the acclaimed Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts in Vancouver, British Columbia and the famous L’Ecole Du Grand Chocolat at Valrhona, Tain L’Hermitage, France. She has also completed intensive course work at the French Culinary Institute in NYC.

Lisa believes that chocolate should be both a feast for the eyes… and a sensational full body experience.  Luxx Chocolat xquisite artisan chocolates are created to be decadently delicious works of art that truly move people. Each chocolate offers not only a moment of peace, but instant satisfaction and gratification at almost every level.  Chocolate should melt in your mouth, and you should melt along with it.  That’s what she strives to do everyday, create that perfect experience.

ChocoVin Chocolate and Wine Tastings…indulge in decadent alchemy

A part of Luxx Chocolat is ChocoVin Chocolate and Wine Tastings. ChocoVin is an xquisite collaboration between Lisa Mecray Rogers of Luxx Chocolat LLC and Debra Marchese of Winerium LLC. Their venture is dedicated to presenting the decadent alchemy of chocolate and wine in a fun and interactive fashion. ChocoVin is the opportunity to learn from two xperts. Not from someone who hasn’t worked with chocolate and isn’t a trained Chocolatier. And not a sommelier (a wine steward), but way beyond in their training in wine and spirits.

Tastings feature a synchronized selection of xtraordinarily fine wines and artisan chocolates intended to stimulate the imagination and taste buds. The wines and chocolates are deliberately chosen for their complementary and contrasting aromas and flavors to create a crazy-perfect pairing. It’s sweet, literally! The wines and chocolates are presented in a progression to take one’s palate for an outstanding ride, from light and soft to big and bold.

ChocoVin tastings offer a fresh, hip, upgraded twist for cocktail parties, special occasions, holidays, fundraisers, corporate and team building events.

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